Moodle for New Users

What is Moodle?

Moodle is MVNU's online classroom setting. You will use it in order to keep up with assignments, see syllabuses, and stay up to date on where you are in your individual classes! You can do also take quizzes, submit papers, and post in a discussion forum, if your professor chooses to use Moodle in these ways.

Logging in!

"How do I access Moodle?" you ask? Well...

  1. Go to, or use the link posted on the Portal, and you will be directed to the login page pictured below.
  2. Enter your username and password that you use to log into email and the Portal.

  3. You're logged in!

"Okay, I'm in. How do I use it?"

Great question! Once you're logged in, you'll be seeing your Dashboard. A generic view of all the classes you're currently enrolled in, a timeline of assignments, and course analytics are immediately displayed here. There are lots of options and different pages we can view from here, but this is the basic landing page where you can access classes and information about them.

"Where can I find my grades?"

You'll have to go into each individual course in order to see your overall grade and any grades on assignments. You can do this by...

  • Clicking on the course you're interested in seeing. In this example, it will be Principles of Biology w/ Lab.

  • Once in the course, go to the toolbar on the left and hover over the icons until you find the Grades tab. It should be the star icon.

  • After clicking on this icon, you should see an outline of any assignments the professor has put on Moodle, and the grades associated with each assignment if they've been graded and entered into Moodle. Remember, if you think something is missing, don't be afraid to communicate with classmates and your professor!

Not seeing your courses?

Professors have the option to make courses hidden from students, so if you know that you're enrolled in a course, but it's not appearing on Moodle, be sure to contact that professor and ask if they have made the course available to be seen by students!

See the course, but no information?

Don't worry! Sometimes professors don't use Moodle, or prefer to use another method of posting assignments and other information in regards to the course they're teaching. Just be sure to communicate with your professors to stay up to date. 

Let us know!

Have any questions regarding this page, or think that something should be added? Contact Motherboard and let us know!

Username? Password? Have any other questions?

Not sure what your username, password, or even both are? Have any other tech-related questions? No problem!

Contact Motherboard Helpdesk at any of the ways below and one of our technicians can help you with this information, and even make sure that you get logged in and ready to go!